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Microwave Ovens


EXTREME-PRO Convection Microwave Oven

$18,852.90 $14,485.79 (Inc. GST)
$17,139.00 $13,168.90 (Ex. GST)

Convection Microwave Oven EXTREME-PRODigital control, easy top operatestock and self-setting menus, easy to cookvertical hot air impingement, heat food rapidlyupper and lower hot air and convection fan, the temperature is evenMicrowave cover chamber...

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FE-1100 Microwave Oven

$1,032.90 $800.69 (Inc. GST)
$939.00 $727.90 (Ex. GST)

FE-1100 Microwave Oven 1000 Watt Commercial Heavy Duty Microwave Oven 2 Years Warranty Capacity 25-Litre Stainless steel interior & exterior Full-width ceramic base (no turntable) One step easy open Ten microwave power levels Ten...

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