Bakery and Pizza Equipment

To bake the best bread, pizza, cakes, biscuits, pies, muffins, scones and other baked goods it's vitally important to select the appropriate equipment.

Commercial baking equipment is specifically designed to be speedy and handle large volumes of material.

Our specialised range of bakery and pizza equipment is designed to meet all of your baking requirements in your commercial kitchen, bakery and/ or canteen.

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Deaken Commercial Pizza Dough Roller

$3,179.00 $2,286.90 (Inc. GST)
$2,890.00 $2,079.00 (Ex. GST)

The Deaken Commercial Dough roller is perfect for rolling pizza dough for pizzas up to 40cm  It's designed to perform well and work in small areas with consistent results. European quality ensures that you will have a reliable long lasting asset...

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HS50-NKE 50 Litre Spiral Dough Mixer

$5,483.39 $3,838.45 (Inc. GST)
$4,984.90 $3,489.50 (Ex. GST)

HS50-NKE 50 Litre Spiral Dough Mixer 20kg dry flour / 32kg dough* Deaken mixers are tough & reliable with the highest quality electrical & mechanical components. Great for pizza shops, restaurants and bakeries.• Easy to use•...

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HX-2 Conveyor Pizza Oven

$4,290.00 (Inc. GST)
$3,900.00 (Ex. GST)

This is a brand new conveyor pizza oven that can cook up to 20 pizzas per hour. Features & Specifications: Pizza Conveyor Oven Variable speed  "safe to touch" fan-cooled exterior 3 minutes for average pizza  Economical to...

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Apuro Planetary Mixer 30Ltr

$3,067.79 (Inc. GST)
$2,788.90 (Ex. GST)

Apuro Planetary Mixer 30Ltr GJ461-A The large capacity Apuro Planetary Mixer 30Ltr is ideal for use in bakeries, restaurants, canteens and schools for the high output of a range of doughs and batters, thanks to its exceptionally robust design and...

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B10KG 10 Litre Heavy Duty Mixer

$1,714.90 $1,197.79 (Inc. GST)
$1,559.00 $1,088.90 (Ex. GST)

B10KG - 10 Litre Planetary Mixer Gear Drive Tough & reliable with the highest quality electrical & mechanical components. • All mixers have a stainless steel bowl & come standard with dough hook, beater & whisk•...

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