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Crepe Makers & Waffle Makers


Deaken Commercial Crepe Maker

$1,089.00 $492.69 (Inc. GST)
$990.00 $447.90 (Ex. GST)

Cooking up fresh crepes has never been easier! Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, this crepe maker's compact size is ideal for small prep areas or food trucks where space is limited. Built in Europe to last, this crepe maker includes all...

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Electric Waffle Maker - UWB-H

$1,196.69 (Inc. GST)
$1,087.90 (Ex. GST)

Electric waffle Maker - UWB-H Cast iron plate with ceramic coating Designed to produce five pieces of heart shaped pattern waffles (UWB-H; UWB-H2) An output of up to 30 waffles per hour Stainless steel structure Temperature range is 50-320 Waffle...

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Waffle Maker - WB-04A

$1,089.00 $789.25 (Inc. GST)
$990.00 $717.50 (Ex. GST)

Waffle Maker  Cast aluminum plate with Teflon coating Inner plate can be changed with a screw driver An output of 20 Belgian waffles in one hour Stainless steel structure Temperature range is 124-230℃ Waffle thickness can be 1 18cm diameter plate...

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