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Electric Ovens


Modular Emotion 10 Tray Combi Oven

$21,989.00 $18,689.00 (Inc. GST)
$19,990.00 $16,990.00 (Ex. GST)

Modular Emotion 10 Tray Combi Oven The new 'Emotion' combi oven by Modular is a premium state of the art oven with an intuitive easy to use capacitive touch screen display among its many features. Its cooking chamber is full high grade stainless steel...

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Birko Commercial Microwave 1800W 34L

$2,156.00 $1,687.29 (Inc. GST)
$1,960.00 $1,533.90 (Ex. GST)

Built to last - sturdy stainless steel inner and outer body (#304), ceramic base and non slip rubber feet for stability. Multi-function - clear digital display and electronic board with simple push button programming. Versatile - includes multi power...

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