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Beverage Equipment


DS86L Knock Out Waste Tube

$132.00 $112.20 (Inc. GST)
$120.00 $102.00 (Ex. GST)

Knock Out Waste Tube DS86L   The Knock Out waste tube is a commercially tough coffee waste bin for cafes. The tube includes a highly durable acrylic knock bar with removable top for easy disposal of waste and cleaning. This robust accessory is and...

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REF113 Refractometer

$192.50 $162.80 (Inc. GST)
$175.00 $148.00 (Ex. GST)

REF113 Refractometer WHY USE A REFRACTOMETER? The function of a refractometer is to measure the ratio of sugar to actual product weight. It results from the ratio of syrup to water and directly affects the quality and taste of the product. Brixing...

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