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Bain Maries

Bain Maries are ideal for buffet service, plus back of house use with their gastronorm compatibility.  

We have a large range of bain maries for you to choose from including: heated bain maries using wet or dry heat, chilled/ refrigerated bain maries, heated bain marie cabinets and chilled bain marie fridges.  We also sell a range of trolleys suitable for specific countertop bain maries.

Heated bain maries surround the food with very gentle heat and can be used for cooking delicate dishes like custards, white sauce or for melting chocolate well as heating and storing of hot food.

When choosing a heated bain marie, you can either choose a wet heat or dry heat; wet heat relies on hot water or steam for the heating process, while dry heat uses electricity and a heating element between the containers.  Dry heat bain maries often consume less energy, require little cleaning and can be heated quicker than traditional versions.

Our refrigerated or chilled bain maries are designed to hold cold food at the correct serving temperature.  



BM26A Roband Hot Bain Marie 2005mm W

$1,989.90 $1,694.00 (Inc. GST)
$1,809.00 $1,540.00 (Ex. GST)

Roband Hot Bain Marie BM26A This range of hot bain maries is designed to hold food at serving temperature.  They can be counter mounted or used with a trolley to hold in place. All stainless steel construction with tubular frame Removable cross...

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