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Blast Chillers and Freezers


D-G7 - 7 Tray Blast Chiller

$7,588.90 $6,450.40 (Inc. GST)
$6,899.00 $5,864.00 (Ex. GST)

7 Tray Blast Chiller - D-G7 Blast chilling and shock freezing are the best natural systems to extend the shelf life of food. Blast Chillers make it possible to lower the temperature at the core of foods that have just been cooked down to +3°C in...

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D14 Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer

$15,541.90 $10,171.87 (Inc. GST)
$14,129.00 $9,247.15 (Ex. GST)

D14 Blast Chiller & Shock Freezer 14 × 1/1 Gastronorm or 14 × larger 600×400 Euronorm pans (40 mm deep) Chill 56kg from +70ºC to +3ºC in 90 mins. Deep Freeze 38kg from +70ºC to -18ºC in 240 mins. Interior:...

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