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Meat Slicers, Mincers, Mixers & Patty Makers


CD279-A Apuro Meat Slicer 300mm

$1,328.80 $1,129.26 (Inc. GST)
$1,208.00 $1,026.60 (Ex. GST)

CD279-A Apuro Meat Slicer 300mm Save time and reduce waste with the sturdy and reliable Apuro meat slicer. Featuring a large 300mm blade with integral sharpener, you can easily and precisely slice large quantities of beef, ham, poultry or vegetables...

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CD278-A Apuro Meat Slicer 250mm

$885.50 $752.57 (Inc. GST)
$805.00 $684.15 (Ex. GST)

CD278-A Apuro Meat Slicer 250mm  Sturdy and reliable, this meat slicer is ideal for producing consistently sliced ham, beef, poultry or vegetables with the minimum of fuss. Whether you're running a high street deli, a pub or a farm shop, this...

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CD277-A Apuro Meat Slicer 220mm

$822.80 $699.27 (Inc. GST)
$748.00 $635.70 (Ex. GST)

CD277-A Apuro Meat Slicer 220mm This meat slicer combines impressive cutting strength and commercial reliability. With its large 220mm blade and numerous safety features, you can easily cut through ham, beef or poultry with the minimum of fuss, and even...

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602201 Patty Press Moulds

$114.95 $103.46 (Inc. GST)
$104.50 $94.05 (Ex. GST)

Patty Press Moulds - 602201 Attaches to TC 8, TC12 or TC32 Mincer Can also attach to sausage fillers. Hamburger Patty Press Attachment - With the Burger Press, you can have perfectly formed 100mm diameter hamburger patties as fast as you can grind...

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CS10 Roband Carving Station

$1,413.50 $1,203.40 (Inc. GST)
$1,285.00 $1,094.00 (Ex. GST)

CS10 Roband Carving Station (Discontinued line when stock runs out) Heat from above and below combines with steam from the pan to keep carved meats warm, illuminated and moist. Features: Heat source from above and below Energy regulator control of...

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