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Our Deaken, Modular and Tecnodom ovens are imported directly by our company.

When you buy directly from the Importers you can be confident  that your getting the best value.

Please don't hesitate to use our online chat or phone us on 1300 767 146  if you have any queries.


ELEM-200S Steel Sole Thermadeck Oven

$11,764.38 $7,021.19 (Inc. GST)
$10,694.89 $6,382.90 (Ex. GST)

Thermadeck Oven - ELEM 200S Australias largest - a masters oven for high capacity production of Pizza & Bakery products.  Stone sole Up to 400º C Fits three trays if end-loaded or four trays if side-loaded x two-deep Large tray size -...

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Fagor Combi Oven - APE-202

$60,899.30 $55,252.89 (Inc. GST)
$55,363.00 $50,229.90 (Ex. GST)

Fagor Combi Oven - APE-202 The ADVANCE PLUS range delivers full-on functionality and the highest performance on the market. Achieving a perfect balance between cooking quality, simplicity, efficiency, and safety. This range comes equipped with all the...

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