Save $1,000's in labour by choosing the right equipment.

Posted by Brad Burns on 16th Feb 2014

Save $1,000's in labour by choosing the right equipment.

One of the biggest expenses in your business can be labour, but choosing the right equipment can save you a lot in labour costs.

Jamie, one of our sales team and a qualified chef, was visiting a client the other day and he noticed that they were using an oven that was way too small for them. If they had the right size oven, they could save 2 -3 hours a day in baking time.

Now, when we calculate how much that costs in dollars you can see that the capacity of your equipment can be very important. The savings from buying a smaller oven is short term thinking when you consider the costs in labour over the lifetime of the oven.

2 hours a day x 365 days at $20 per hour comes to $14,600 per year.

Have you evaluated how much time you can save if you upgraded your oven? It might be time for you to invest in a new commercial oven.

We have a large range of commercial ovens including the Nerone range which is imported directly by National Kitchen Equipment. The Nerone ovens are 100% Italian made with factory direct prices starting at only $890 plus GST for a commercial convection oven.

Our experienced team are here to assist you in the best options for your business. If your equipment is financed with Silverchef, their finance is so flexible that you are able to upgrade to a larger oven at any time.

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